Creative One Page Wedding
WordPress Theme

With nice and responsive image slider shows off your wedding in style and attract more attention where you deserve it.

A romantic one page homepage combine perfectly text image and animated heart falling on image slider.

Texture bottom

With elegant and graceful decorating shows off your wedding beautifully with fullscreen background video.

The perfect way to focus on the fullscreen background image and countdown plugin with only impressive text.

Everything you need to create website Video Tutorials

Inner Pages

Easily build your website with a carefully created set of practical inner pages that are fully adaptable to your needs.

Key Features

Fully Responsive & Retina

Sweetinz wedding theme is a fully responsive theme. All the design aspects are carefully optimized for desktop and mobile device experience.

Powerful Catanis Panel

Our Sweetinz theme options panel is unrivaled in power and ease of use. User have all the control you desire easily accessible.

Color Schemes

Theme have 5 color schemes – grren, pink, orange, purple, red and also you could select your own color scheme using color-picker to adapt the theme for all activities.

Unlimited Sidebars & Colors

Create unlimited Sidebars and fill it with any number of widgets you need. Also you easily and quickly change any colors you want.

No Coding Skills Required

Build a beautiful website with no experience in coding. Sweetinz provides a lot of features for you, without coding knowledge.

Incredible Page Settings

General setting allows you to design a united layout for all of your pages. Unique setting can be used to make a unique and different page layout.

Tons of Shortcodes

Building websites was never so powerful and easy! Over 45+ included shortcodes and items gives you possibility to build any kind of website.

Translation Ready

Sweetinz is ready for translation into any languages. It is also fully compatible with the WPML plugins in case you need a multilingual site.

Customisable RSVP Form

Manage your guests using the online and customise RSVP form fields to include specific information for example meal prefernce, number of people, etc.

Professional Support 24/7

Our support team is very professional and have many experiences. A excellent theme cannot be great without excellent support!

One Click To Import

Quickly and easily import our demo contents including pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings with only one click.

Maintenance Mode

There is no need to install a plugin in order to work on your website behinds the scenes. You can enable Maintenance Mode with Sweetinz.

Tailored Visual Page Builder

Sweetinz runs a highly tailored version of Visual Composer with extra advanced functionalities, building any pages with drag & drop simplicity.

Header & Footer Variations

Header styling is important to the user experience. With a variety of fully customizable header, footer and menu layouts, the possibilities are limitless.

Lifetime Updates

Sweetinz is always up to date. We constantly listen to our customers because they will help us to make the theme better in the future.

Happy Customers

It's a nice theme with a lot of options. Customer Service is quick to answer and always helpful. Thank you very much!

Great design, fantastic customer support and the features are all there to create a modern, elegant website. Thank you!

Very awesome looking theme and my stuff you can customize and the support team is very fast and awesome.

It's a great template/theme! Works perfect with many options. The support is also very great: fast, correct and helpful.

The best and beautiful theme. Really great. Simple and easy to use. Best support team, very helpful people. God bless for this theme.

This theme is awesome and also the team behind. Many thanks for the fast support and quality design. Cheers!

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